Best Defense Against Cracking


RainCoatTM is a food-grade, hydrophobic Biofilm that is applied to cherries to help prevent cracking du to rain. By providing a protective shield against water absorption, RainCoatTM protects the integrity of the outer skin, or cuticle, of cherries during final growth stages to prevent and reduce fruit cracking.


Shake Well Before Using: Use only a clean, triple rinsed spray tank for application. Use RainCoatTM at a rate of 1 Liter of product 200 Liter of water per decar (=1000 m2). Do not exceed 1 Liter of product per decar per application. May be tank-mixed with Gibberalic Acid (GA) on the first application. Do not tank mix with any other product. Do not add surfactants or stickers to the product.


For use on cherries only. Apply immediately prior to straw color and again 7-10 days later. Both applications must be made at least 24 hours prior to a rain event. If GA is added to the first application, ensure this application occurs 72 hours prior to a rain event. Timing between first and second application may be lengthened depending on occurrence of rain events. For maximum effect all cherries must be thoroughly covered. Use only an air blast sprayer.