NutriPak Prima


NutriPak Prima

  • First product developed by AgXplore
  • Increasing yield and crop production where ever it is used
  • Can be used on fruits, vegetables, field crops and grasses
  • A unique blend of active ingredients that gets the most potential our of your crops, season after season

The Complete Soil/Foliar Nutrient Package

  • 8-10-3 NPK
  • Readily available for plant use
  • As seed treatment, has nutrients where developing plant can use efficiently
  • Foliar, provides an immediate boost to plant development
  • Aids in the uptake of other nutrients
  • Improve plant photo-chemical efficiency (chlorophyll levels in plant leaves)
  • Promotes plant growth on a cellular level
  • Increases leaf, stalk and stem size
  • Enhances drought resistance (elasticity of cells walls allows better water absorption)
  • Stimulates and increase root growth and complexity
  • Encourages seed germination, seedling energy and vigor
  • Promotes flowering and fruiting, plus fruit retention in plants
  • Required in less amounts than macro nutrients
  • Vital in reaching crop’s potential
  • Deficiencies or low levels can have a major impact on crop yield
  • Effects biochemistry of plant (photosynthesis, chlorophyll, respiration, etc.)
  • Deficiencies can be irreversible, damage already done
  • Influences soil fertility and water holding capacity
  • Promotes growth of soil microbes
  • Protects nutrients to keep them plant available
  • Easily absorbed through plant stomata

Application rates:

Seed treatment           250 ml per 50 kilograms of seed
In-furrow                      up to 2.4 liters/hectare
Foliar                           0.9 – 2.4 liters/hectare