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JR Peters, Inc. is a family owned and operated business having a solid reputation with over 60 years of experience in the fertilizer business.  We design, formulate and manufacture premium quality water soluble fertilizer products for the professional horticulture, specialty agriculture and landscaping markets.  The Peters family’s expertise in the horticulture industry dates back to 1947 when Bob Peters founded the Horticultural Services Company in Allentown, PA, USA.  He analyzed more than 50,000 soil tests as the basis for the development of the industry’s first specialty fertilizers, the original Peters Professional®.  After that, the Scotts Company purchased Peters Professional® and the laboratory.  The Peters family continued to design and formulate this product line for the Scotts until 1997 when Jack Peters re-purchased the manufacturing facility and testing laboratory from Scotts to form a new company, JR Peters, Inc.

Today, JR Peters, Inc. has designed and formulated our own professional fertilizers under the brand name of Jack’s Professional®.  This new line of products represent a major enhancement to the original “True Blue”™ solution developed by Bob Peters more than 60 years ago with the “Hands on Technology”.


The “Hands On Technology”Jacks Kirimli Brosur-03

All Jack’s products are researched, tested, produced and marketed by our experienced staff in Allentown, PA, USA facility.  We use only the finest raw materials with the highest quality to produce the premium quality Jack’s Professional water soluble fertilizers.  These products carry on the power of the original “True Blue” ™ solution with their 100% solubility.  Thanks to our “Hands on Technology”, all macro and micronutrients are readily available to crops to meet their specific needs to the fullest.  This technology is proven to increase the uptake of the growth enhancing ingredients and a more effective chelating micronutrient system.  Jack’s Professional products dissolve faster with 100% purity and solubility to provide you with cleaner and longer life irrigation systems.


Jacks Kirimli Brosur-04Consistent Premium Quality

JR Peters, Inc. has used our years of expertise and the information we have gained from performing an analysis of more than 750,000 samples to develop and formulate a full range of products that addresses almost every specific growing need.  Jack’s Professional is the key to meet the nutritional requirements of crops grown in horticulture and specialty agriculture.  We work closely with our raw material suppliers to ensure that we receiving the highest quality materials and combining this with our scientific approach to formulating to produce products that have established our name as the quality standard in the industry.  All of our Jack’s Professional® products are produced in our family owned facility where we utilizes a modern automated production process and follow strict quality assurance controls.  Our after sales consultation services ensure that growers receive the best available advice.



Jack’s Professional® Product Lines

Jack’s Professional®

The Jack’s Professional product line incorporates our world famous “True Blue”™ solution and are enhanced with Hands on Technology to create premium grade fertilizers formulated with the highest quality components to serve the ornamental horticulture and specialty agriculture markets.  This product line has a broad range of formulations to meet varying nutritional needs of different types of crops and production methods.

 Jack’s FeED

The Jack’s FeeD™ product line features the most advanced chelating system and boosted level of micronutrients to fit the specific needs of today’s crops.  Each product contains increased levels of iron derived from 3 chelate sources (EDDHA, EDTA and DTPA) to keep it available over a wide range of pH values.  The formulations comprise extra magnesium, low ammonium and no urea.

 Jack’s Professional Advantages

-Unique systems such as “True Blue” ™ and Hands on Technology.
-Exclusive FeED system for advanced chelating and increased micronutrient levels with no urea.
-A wide range of formulations to serve the horticulture and specialty agriculture markets.
-100% soluble products with consistent premium quality.
-Special formulations for specific crop needs.
-Over 60 years of expertise in designing and formulating water soluble fertilizers

Jack’s Professional LX

The Jack’s Professional LX™ system utilizes proven acidifying solutions to keep N, P, K, Ca and Mg in concentrated form together!  All formulations in this enhanced line of fertilizers are fully mixable to tailor customized blends for individual growers and water supplies.  The LX system provides a peat-lite micronutrient package that is balanced throughout the product line. This ensures a consistent micronutrient level is supplied when products are tank-mixed.

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Jack's Formülasyon Ürün Tanımı Su Tipi Köklenme Hızlı Büyüme Kontrollü Büyüme Çiçeklenme Yapraktan Besleme pH Kontrollü Hasat
ProfessionalTM 05-12-26+ME Hydroponic Normal
ProfessionalTM 09-45-15+ME Plant Starter Normal
ProfessionalTM 10-30-20+ME Blossom Booster Normal
ProfessionalTM 10-52-10+ME Plant Starter Normal
ProfessionalTM 12-00-43+ME Cut Mum Special Normal
ProfessionalTM 12-03-15+ME Orchid RO water Yumuşak
ProfessionalTM 15-00-15+ME Dark Weather Peat-Lite Normal
ProfessionalTM 15-00-15+ME Dark Weather Normal
ProfessionalTM 15-05-25+ME Poinsettia Peat Lite Normal
ProfessionalTM 15-10-30+ME Pot Mum Special Normal
ProfessionalTM 15-11-29+ME Peat-Lite Normal
ProfessionalTM 15-15-15+ME Geranium Normal
ProfessionalTM 15-16-17+ME Peat-Lite Normal
ProfessionalTM 15-20-25+ME Poinsettia Finisher Normal
ProfessionalTM 15-30-15+ME High Phosphate Normal
ProfessionalTM 16-04-12+ME Easter Lilly Normal
ProfessionalTM 16-04-20+ME Orchid Well Water Normal
ProfessionalTM 17-05-24+ME Low Acid Peat-Lite Normal
ProfessionalTM 20-00-20+ME High Cal Peat-lite Normal
ProfessionalTM 20-05-30+ME High Potash Normal
ProfessionalTM 20-10-20+ME General Purpose Normal
ProfessionalTM 20-10-20+ME Peat-Lite Normal
ProfessionalTM 20-20-20+ME General Purpose Normal
ProfessionalTM 21-07-07+ME Acid Normal
ProfessionalTM 24-08-16+ME Tropical Foliage Normal
ProfessionalTM 27-15-12+ME Foliar Feed Normal
ProfessionalTM MOST Mix of Soluble Trace Normal
ProfessionalTM 25-5-15+ME High Performance Normal
ProfessionalTM 30-10-10+ME High Nitro Normal
FeEDTM 15-04-15+ME Poinsettia FeED Normal
FeEDTM 17-05-19+ME Poinsettia FeED Normal
FeEDTM 20-03-19+ME Petunia FeED Normal
LXTM 10-00-00+ME Mag-Trate Normal
LXTM 13-02-13+ME Plug Normal
LXTM 14-05-38+ME K-Trate Normal
LXTM 15-00-00+ME Cal-Trate Normal
LXTM 15-00-14+ME Dark Weather plus Mag Normal
LXTM 15-05-15+ME Ca&Mg Normal
LXTM 16-02-15+ME Plug Normal
LXTM 17-04-17+ME Pure water Yumuşak
LXTM 20-05-19+ME Poinsettia Normal
Jack’s ProfessionalTM Damla Sulama Gübreleri tüm ürün grubunun karıştırılabilirlik bilgileri için lütfen yetkili bayinize başvurun.

Formülasyon Ürün Adı Ürün Kodu Kullanma Önerisi
10-52-10 +ME Plant Starter 77780T Bitki doku gelişimini teşvik eder, kök ve tomurcuk oluşumuna yardımcı olur.
20-20-20+ME General Purpose 77010T Genel amaçlı, bitkinin dengeli besin ihtiyacını karşılamaya yöneliktir.
20-10-20+ME Peat – Lite 77860T Popüler bir formülasyon olup, genel amaçlılara göre iki kat daha fazla mikro element içererek, bitkide bu yöndeki eksikliği de gidermeye yardımcı olur.
17-5-24 + 2MgO+ME Low Acid Peat-Lite 77430T Yüksek nitrat azotlu olup, soğuk hava ve kısa gün koşulları için idealdir.
14-5-38+ ME K-Trate LX 77950T Kök ve gövde gelişmesinde etkili olup, meyvelerin irileşmesine ve erken olgunlaşmasına yardımcı olur.
27-15-12+ME Foliar Feed 77521T Sebze, Meyve, Bağ, Zeytin, Tarla ve Süs Bitkilerinde yapraktan uygulamalar için idealdir. Yüksek üre azotu ve mikro element içeriği bitkinin vejetatif gelişimini teşvik eder.
25-5-15+ME High Performance 77900T Bitkinin ideal büyümesi için gerekli olan, içeriğindeki NPK, ikincil ve mikro elementlerin bitkiye taşınımında çok etkili, devam gübresi özelliğinde bir formülasyondur.
MOST Mix of Soluble Traces 77391T Bitkinin ihtiyaç duyduğu tüm mikro elementleri içeren ve kolay alımınını sağlayan çok özel ve gelişmiş şelat tekniğine sahip, iz elment karışımı bir formülasyondur.