Copper 5%


Copper 5% is effective in the synthesis of chlorophyll and photosynthetic electron transfer. It shows the effect rapidly when it reaches into plant.

 Copper 5% can be applied in all types of soil and climatic conditions, is up taken by plant roots and leaves. It has a special structure, which is the “systemic” copper fertilizer. Depends on the temperature, Copper 5% can be up taken by the plant leaves within two hours. It resolves quickly the plant’s copper needs

BENEFITS of Copper 5%

  • Feeds the plant and increase to resistance against fungi.
  • Provides the closure of wounds resulting from harvesting and pruning.
  • Does not leave stains and residues on fruit.
  • Feed the plant where applicable.
  • An excellent way to preventive and curative properties.
  • Increases the photosynthesis rate, thus providing the green parts for being in uniform color.
  • The amount of organic matter in the soil is high, where Copper 5% can quickly move to the plant body and eliminate problems arising from the lack of copper.