Calcium 12% is designed to be sprayed on plant foliage to provide calcium need of plants. It can also be applied as drip. It will protect against calcium replacement in cell walls.

Calcium deficiency shows the first signs of drying or curling upward leaf tips. Cessation of shoot tips of dying and dead tissue growth, discoloration of the fruit tip, brown-black rot in the later stages (flower rot) is observed. Tomatoes, peppers, blossom end rot in eggplant, celery darkening domestic fruit are some of the problems resulting from lack of calcium. Our product of Calcium 12% increases resistance and vitality of plants against these kinds of problems.

If used at regular intervals, Calcium 12% will increase fruit, boll, pod, or bud set and reduce internal damage to storage tissue. Calcium 12% has been formulated to use on all fruits, vegetables, citrus, field plants, olives, grapes, strawberry and other plants.