World's Best Brands

To create an excellent value with outstanding brands and services that we offer, Sereks desires to build trust with our farmers, distributors, dealers having solution-oriented very special products that added new ones every year on product line and continues to serve our agriculture industry.

Protective Agricultural Practices

Sereks believes to protect agricultural practices of soil, water, in general of whole environment and also shares the idea of reduced tillage, direct sowing and in the use of techniques that require the saving of energy becomes increasingly expensive in every stage of farming.

Good Agricultural Practices

Good Agricultural Practices do not include unhealthy chemical, microbiological, physical residue, do not pollute the environment and harm the natural balance, which cover all stages of production and marketing ranging from soil to meal. To have organically certified product of LITHOvit in its product portfolio, Sereks participates in the Good Agricultural Practices.